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Our Offerings

"Wedding Cake"

White almond cake with almond Swiss meringue buttercream

"Chocolate Devil"

Devil's Food Cake with chocolate gnache

"Chocolate Wedding"

Devil's food with almond Swiss meringue buttercream

"Red Velvet Dreams"

Red velvet cake with silky cream cheese frosting

"Carrot Cake"

Moist carrot and pecan cake with silky cream cheese frosting

"Lemon Poppy"

Lemon poppy seed cake with lemon curd filling

"German Chocolate Cake"

Darker German chocolate with coconut pecan filling

"Italian Cream Cake"

A Texas classic baked with coconut and pecan with a 

cream cheese frosting

"Dulce de Leche"

Caramel cake with salted caramel bourbon sauce buttercream

"Coconut Delight"

Fluffy coconut cake with coconut cream cheese icing

"English Diplomat"

Earl grey tea cake with lavender Swiss meringue buttercream

"A Touch of Basil"

White cake with lemon curd and basil Swiss meringue buttercream

"Blueberry Lemon"

Blueberry cake with lemon curd and cream cheese frosting

"Mascarpone Whip"

White cake with your choice of fresh fruit with

mascarpone whipped cream

"Stout and Irish Cream"

Devil's food baked with Stout beer with

Irish creme cream cheese frosting

"Peanut Butter and Chocolate"

Devil's food made with peanut butter stout with

peanut butter Swiss meringue buttercream

"Kahlua Mocha Cake"

Devil's food cake with a Kahlua soak

and mocha and vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream

"Roses are Cake"

Pistachio cake with light rose buttercream

*If You would like a custom creation, please let us know*

For those with dietary restrictions, many options are available.

We offer gluten free, nut free and vegan options.

Please note there will be additional costs. 

We specialize in all vegetarian products, this means no gelatin. We use ethically sourced eggs and dairy thus creating not only a delicious cake, but a cake you know is friendly to animals and the planet. Our European style recipes create a less sweet, and a more delicate flavor. All cakes are iced in our Swiss meringue buttercream. 

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